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Founder & Principle Planner

What's up y'all. Just your typical  Millennial here  throwing up some peace signs. By the way I'm Lindsey. Growing up as a florist daughter I would tag-a-long for wedding installs. You can say I have been around wedding and events for 10+ years now. I recently started my own business with official launch in September 2020. I haven't looked back and enjoy every person and moment while owning my own business. 


Aye girl, what's in yo glass? 

Classic H2O BB

Horoscope Sign :

A humble Virgo 

Lover of all things : 

Spooky season, vacation, a good thift deal

Top 3 Favorite Movies : 

Alice in Wonderland, Sweet Home Alabama, We're The Millers


Meet more of the crew

Coordinator + Lead Planner

Megan you can catch her running around in her vans. The one on the top of the ladder if needed. Always lining up the bridal party. Megan's leadership comes in when needed for all events. She probably has sunglasses on as well. 

Stephanie C Lane Photography

Aye girl, what's in yo glass?

A white monster (always in hand)

Lover of all things : 

90's/00's rock & alternative music, Nashville, advantage 

Horoscope Sign : 

A one-of-a-kind Sagittarius 

Top 3 Favorite Movies : 

Star Wars, Harry Potter, Fast & Furious

Administrative Assistant + Planner

Julie or as we call  her Jules is the one you will see making sure all the details are completed on your event day. Julie is such a big helper and with her business degree it's just what we need to make our team. 

Aye girl, what's in yo glass? 

Sweet Tea y'all

Horoscope Sign: 

A driven Capricorn


Lover of all things : 

Target run, dogs, Christmas 

Top 3 Favorite Movies :

Clueless, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, The Avengers Trilogy

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